Photo by: Wendy Carlson

Interactive Map Portal

The Greenprint Map Portals are Currently Down for Repairs.  We Apologize for the Inconvenience.

You can explore a wealth of map data for our region through our interactive map portal. This on-line map resource has data for all 28 towns within the Greenprint service area in Northwest Connecticut. It is designed to provide natural resource and property data of particular use to conservation organizations and local land use commissions. Greenprint members have access to additional features and layers within the map portal.

The map portal allows you to pan and zoom to whatever location in our coverage area is of interest to you, and to print a .pdf map showing the view and map features you select. It can accommodate multiple map fields (some of which are optimally viewed at finer scale). There is a query function that will allow you to view some of the data we have available for protected lands.  You may find it helps to refresh the screen if there is a delay when it first loads.

For Greenprint Members, you can access our members' map here.



Photo by: Tim Abbott